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Questions & answers

  • How to eat during the days in Lisbon
    The central WYD offers a pilgrim's APP 📲 which includes information about it according to your registration. ​ (We have dinner August 1st and ends with 8th breakfast.) ​ 🔥*Where to eat? There are two modalities like other WYD: ​ 1️⃣ Network of registered restaurants for lunches and dinners through vouchers - tickets that each pilgrim receives. Breakfasts in the places where the pilgrims sleep. ​ 2️⃣ Picnic at certain times such as the last weekend of WYD, Saturday and Sunday, the 4 meals will be delivered all at the same time in the same package.
  • Can I wash my clothes during WYD?
    Yes, there will be the possibility to wash clothes as in other WYD, by hand in washbasins, and some other spaces. ⚠️ As we are A LOT OF PEOPLE ⚠️ (1400 approx), we recommend bringing clothes to wash only once (max. 2) during WYD! Don't forget to bring what we recommend in your suitcase, Bar of soap! 🧼
  • How much money should I bring to WYD Claret Way?
    The country's tourist VISA requirements require you to prove you have €75 base + €40 per day. But don't panic!!!! By being registered for WYD and coming as a group, your food and accommodation is already paid for, so the above does not apply. We RECOMMEND you to bring in cash 100 - 150€ (10-15€ per day) for possible expenses, gifts, during the WYD 🔥 🔥. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere 💳, but it is always good to carry some pocket money, you never know with banks.
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